Moroccan Blue Leads Top Fashion Colors (RGB)

Moroccan Blue topped the list of colors at New York Fashion Week’s Fall 2005 collections, according to Pantone, Inc., the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries.
Each season, Pantone surveys designers showing at New York Fashion Week and collects feedback on prominent collection colors, color inspiration, color philosophy and each designer’s signature shades. This information is used to create the PANTONE Fashion Color Report.
The top 10 most directional women’s ready-to-wear colors for Fall 2005 (along with printing values) are
(converted by me to RGB):

Bentzon Brotherhood: Rapper’s New Delight

A couple of weeks ago, at a party in Maastricht, I heard a new version of Rapper’s Delight (Sugarhill Gang), a 15-minute funky jazz version with a kick-ass bass. I went to the DJ booth and turned my head at 45RPM so I could read the name of the artist: “Bentzon“. Back home, some elementary Googling later:

GEZOCHT: medewerkers voor

(post in dutch)

Idea: RSS with images - picture podcasting

There is something weird: after the audio-only iPods came the iPods with images, but there are no iPods for videos (yet). However, we already have video podcasts, but there are to my knowledge hardly any picture podcasts? Why did we skip that medium? The hardware is there, the content is there.

Stevie Wonder's new fuss

Barry (played by Jack Black): Rob, top five musical crimes perpetuated by Stevie Wonder in the ’80s and ’90s. Go. Sub-question: is it in fact unfair to criticize a formerly great artist for his latter-day sins, is it better to burn out or fade away?

Internet activity in the EU

Convert Bind DNS zone into PTR records

The following script I made in order to convert the forward DNS records in a /var/named/db.[domain] file into the correct format for a reverse DNS db.[subnet prefix] file.
shift 2
echo “; save this in $DNSPRE”
if [ -f $DNSDOM ] ; then
| grep $PREFIX
| grep -w “A”
| sed “s/$PREFIX.*//g”
| gawk “BEGIN {OFS = “t” ;} {print $4,”IN”,”PTR”,$1 “.$DOMAIN.”,”;; FROM basename $DNSDOM” }”

if [ -f $DNSPRE ] ; then
| grep -w "PTR"
| gawk "BEGIN {OFS = "t" ;} {print $1,$2,$3,$4,";; FROM `basename $DNSPRE` "; }"
fi )
| sort -n
| uniq --check-chars=3

SUDOKU Solver tool

I have just created a tool to help solve the Sudoku puzzles: the Sudoku Helper. I’ve added it to my Forret tools directory.

Propaganda: podcast creation tool by Mixmeister

While checking for the latests versions of Mixmeister software, the excellent audio tool for crafting MP3 mixes, (they’re at release 6.0 now), I also noticed they just released Propaganda, a Windows software for creating p0dcasts. They’ve built it on the Mixmeister engine: accurate automatic detection of BPM (tempo) and downtime (1st beat of a measure), flawless time-stretching (speeding a song up or down without changing the pitch) and manipulation through a timeline based editor.

Genesis of some famous sounds

Excellent posts in the Music Thing Blog about the way some of the famous sounds of everyday life were created: