Internet activity in the EU

Convert Bind DNS zone into PTR records

The following script I made in order to convert the forward DNS records in a /var/named/db.[domain] file into the correct format for a reverse DNS db.[subnet prefix] file.
shift 2
echo “; save this in $DNSPRE”
if [ -f $DNSDOM ] ; then
| grep $PREFIX
| grep -w “A”
| sed “s/$PREFIX.*//g”
| gawk “BEGIN {OFS = “t” ;} {print $4,”IN”,”PTR”,$1 “.$DOMAIN.”,”;; FROM basename $DNSDOM” }”

if [ -f $DNSPRE ] ; then
| grep -w "PTR"
| gawk "BEGIN {OFS = "t" ;} {print $1,$2,$3,$4,";; FROM `basename $DNSPRE` "; }"
fi )
| sort -n
| uniq --check-chars=3

SUDOKU Solver tool

I have just created a tool to help solve the Sudoku puzzles: the Sudoku Helper. I’ve added it to my Forret tools directory.

Propaganda: podcast creation tool by Mixmeister

While checking for the latests versions of Mixmeister software, the excellent audio tool for crafting MP3 mixes, (they’re at release 6.0 now), I also noticed they just released Propaganda, a Windows software for creating p0dcasts. They’ve built it on the Mixmeister engine: accurate automatic detection of BPM (tempo) and downtime (1st beat of a measure), flawless time-stretching (speeding a song up or down without changing the pitch) and manipulation through a timeline based editor.

Genesis of some famous sounds

Excellent posts in the Music Thing Blog about the way some of the famous sounds of everyday life were created:

Jobs announces Podcasts in iTunes

If this is true, it could change the landscape for podcasting significantly: Apple is jumping on the podcast wagon:

La Gamba Sinistra: italian tango

I just spent a wonderful five days on a tango course in Italy. Life at the Abano Ritz (Abano Terme, near Venice) is quite enjoyable, and the teachers Marisa & Oliver and Birkit & Muzaffer were excellent.

Installing NTP (time synchronisation)

Set timezone (optional)
create symbolical link from /usr/share/zoneinfo/... to /etc/localtime:
ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Brussels /etc/localtime

REQ: Live mashup performance tool

I have an idea for a software that I would love to use to do live mashup performances. It’s based on experiences I’ve had with different types of software and hardware tools, but none has the exact functionality I’m looking for. The inspiration I got comes from different sources:

Old-style Nigerian scam: via fax

Amazing: I just got my first Nigerian (419) scam via FAX! In these days of practically free email sending, you have to admire someone who goes the extra mile and pays for sending faxes. A handwritten letter would have made me feel even more special, but it’s a start.