My online charmap of HTML character entities

Geeky as hell, but I need it quite often, and what better place to put it but here: the list of 250+ HTML character entities.
Handy if you would want to write σ = ¾ • ∑ ƒ(χ²) – or your name like “πετερ“

Moiano teaches Soulschool

Just bought a surprisingly good debut album: “Soulschool” by Moiano. It’s a Belgian band started by Peter Lesage, who has played the keyboards for Gabriel Rios, Flip Kowlier, Krewcial. He’s now got a band of talented musicians around him.

Imperial time units: here come the nunes

I caught an episode of Top Gear the other day. The rather excellent Jeremy Clarkson was talking about ‘driving very economically’ with a big Audi and mentioned all kinds of mpg (miles per gallon) measurements. For me, as I have lived in the metric system for all my life, conversion from ‘mpg‘ to ‘l/100km’ (liter/100 km) proved to be non-trivial. Some research revealed the following stunning data:

Swastikas drawn on woman in Paris attack

Update Aug 2004: the whole story seems to have been made up by the girl. I’ve deleted my initial reaction, that was honest, but now quite irrelevant.

Doctorow: DRM is evil

Some stuff you just know without being able to express it adequately. I hate badly designed copy-protection schemes, but I couldn’t find the right arguments to make my case without being ‘against’ artist. And then someone better informed comes along and sums it all up in a well-thought and clear presentation. That’s what happened with this speech on DRM (Digital Rights Management) by Cory Doctorow at Microsoft Research.

Fix by disabling: error 1016 in event log

Due to one of life’s mysteries, the following error shows up dozens of times per day in the event log of one of our web servers (Win2000/IIS):

“Bum titty bum” – Limerick toolbox

Limericks can be great fun to read, to receive and to make. The basics are: five lines , AABBA rhyming scheme and some respect for the correct metrum. The advanced theory (“internal feet must be anapestic, while the first syllable can be iambic”) can be found on Writing Limericks (Robert Elliott). That’s also where the ‘bum titty bum’ reference comes from.

50 coolest song parts EVER

You can argue about some of the entries, but 50 coolest songs parts ever is a pretty great list of songs with the little extra that has made them stick around in your mind, or makes you start headbanging every time you hear them.

WinAdmin scripts for Windows sysadmins

These scripts were moved to GitHub in 2018, from previously on SourceForge

Cool speakers: Bose Personalized Amplification System

Bose Personalized Amplificiation System
While researching speakers, I came across a new concept of amplification for musicians: the Bose Personalized Amplification System.