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The sorry state of keyboard layout management

<rant> How is it possible that in 2018, it is still up to the end-user to detect/guess what the layout of the computer keyboard is he has in front of him/her? In any Belgian office with more than 10 computers,… Continue Reading →

Number 24, score 17

According to Metatale

Blogging, it’s all about conversations

And talking about blogging is something I will do a lot in the near future: I’m going to Shoob‘s Blogging conference in Brussels on Oct 6th with Bart I’m organising the Brussels Bloggers Dinner on Oct 7th I just registered… Continue Reading →

Brussels Bloggers Meeting on Oct 7

(NL versie hieronder – version FR ci-dessous) After the Geek Dinner (Jan 2005) and Blog Dinner (Jun 2005) in Ghent – organised by Smetty – it is now time for the Brussels connection. I am organizing together with Bart VH… Continue Reading →

Gentleman that’s going around, turning the joint upside-down

What started as a testcase for ‘quoting’ music without breaking the law (making use of Belgium’s citing right) and made for some amusing exchanges of condescending legalese, has become awkward since the author has voluntarily turned into a stool pigeon…. Continue Reading →

Blogging about bloggers blogging

I will not be posting an update for the ‘Belgian Popular Blogs‘ today because I haven’t had the time yet to add Technorati/PubSub scores. Since I expect this will shake up the listing in a significant way, I want to… Continue Reading →

Geek dinner in Gent : the pictures

Exactly what a geek dinner should be like: someone blogging with a Treo 600, someone with a copy of Star Wars on his phone (no one using a phone for calling, actually), some people defending Apple, someone defending Windows (that… Continue Reading →

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