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Idea: hosted classification service

Yesterday evening I was watching “How to replace yourself with very small shell script” by Hilary Mason. In short: she uses some scripts to process incoming mail and send outgoing reminders. The part that really interested me is the one… Continue Reading →

Facebook tricked me into my own spam FAIL

So I decided to let Facebook check my Gmail contact list to see if I had missed some contacts (people using aliases, etc …). After carefully selecting a couple of FB friends to invite (a buddy from the army, …),… Continue Reading →

Twitter spammers: Clickbank/Keynetics affiliates

I’ve been experimenting with Twitter a couple of times, and one of the results, the FM Brussel Live playlist twitter bot, seems to be rather popular. I get a couple of subscriptions per day. But recently they’re almost all of the… Continue Reading →

Bob Flora is a spammer

Dear Mr. Bob Flora, you are probably a collaborator for the “Linkeroever” movie. I see you were a sound designer for “Dju!” by Daniel Lamberts, who’s a friend of mine. So you’re connected to the Belgian cinema scene. But might… Continue Reading →

The sneaky shall inherit the earth

“Wie niet waagt, blijft maagd”, as they say over here. This guy promises to ask his spam buddies to stop comment-spamming, als long as you put a link to his site. A while ago, he used to promise only “If you… Continue Reading →

My first Facebook spam

The Belgian Facebook community is growing and I was expecting to have a first ‘spam’ invitation eventually. It came a couple of days ago, from a group that goes by the name “In Loving Memory of Juliane Angel”. It seems… Continue Reading →

Govern yourselves accordingly

I just received the following email: Attention Mr. Forret, It has been brought to our attention that you published or caused to be published an e-mail communication and/or internet bulletin containing words that are false, misleading and defamatory to our… Continue Reading →

Viral in the bad sense: MessengerChecker

I just received an email on my Hotmail account from someone that normally never contacts me. The email itself is clearly generated by an automatic process: When I take a look at the website that was cited (I won’t link… Continue Reading →

MySpace: bulletin and other spam

MySpace spam MySpace is a vast collection of web real estate begging to be spammed. I keep receiving spam bulletins from some of my MySpace friends, so this is a little explanation of what MySpace spam is and how it… Continue Reading →

Colorbar: belgian spam

In the last three days I have received 3 mails from Colorbar, a “lively private club for colorful people”. The first one didn’t trigger my suspicion, since I am subscribed to some music-related mailing lists. The two next mails came… Continue Reading →

Mark Hostetler, Austrian spammer

(This is a blog post about an Austrian spammer. The reason I did not put anything more offensive in this post’s title, is because there is another Mark Hostetler, a Florida-based Wildlife Ecology professor. He’s probably a nice guy. I’m… Continue Reading →

Size doesn’t matter

Sometimes a spam mail escapes my filters and shows up in my inbox. Last week I got a “Enlarge your …” mail with some girl’s name in the From field. I deleted it right away but subconsciously I had already… Continue Reading →

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