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Stuff to install on a new Windows PC

That is, the stuff I install on a new Windows PC. Since I need this list several times a year, why not make a blog post of it. As you will see,I have a more than average interest in video… Continue Reading →

Lightbox for photo feeds

Because I needed it and I couldn’t find it: a tool to embed a Lightbox-based photo album viewer that uses an RSS photo feed as its input. It uses SimplePie RSS library, the Lytebox Javascript photo viewer, and RSS ‘photocast’… Continue Reading →

id3.exe – ideal tool for tagging and renaming MP3 files

I want to mention a little tool that helped me out twice in the last week, and that I find very little info about online. It’s a Windows command-line MP3 file tagger and renamer called id3.exe. Since I forgot where┬áI… Continue Reading →

MRTG data in XML format

Get ready for a lot of acronyms in this post: “How to create a good XML-based API for MRTG sensor data”. MRTG MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher) is a tool to monitor the traffic load on network-links. It is widely… Continue Reading →

Easy web page mockup tool

I’ve just finished a tool to make web page mockups. The purpose: make a quick draft of what a web page should look like, so you can include a screen shot in an email or a specifications document. When a… Continue Reading →

Myers-Briggs typology: I’m an ENFP

Background I have never been a big believer in astrology. I am not convinced the location of stars at the moment of your birth is that important to your personality. I’m a Virgo, but I don’t feel that defines me… Continue Reading →

BlogCentral: your blog dashboard

I just updated one of my web tools that definitely needed it: the Blogcentral Blog Dashboard.The idea is to give the relevant data for your blog (blog name, blog URL, feed URL, author name) and then get a dashboard page… Continue Reading →

Adwords generator tool

I just finished another webpage for my tools collection: the Adwords Generator tool. Inspired by seeing a colleague losing his time with Excel trying to create a full list of keywords for his Google Adsense campaigns, I created an… Continue Reading →

SUDOKU Solver tool

I have just created a tool to help solve the Sudoku puzzles: the Sudoku Helper. I’ve added it to my Forret tools directory. You solve a Sudoku puzzle by filling in numbers (1-9) in a 9×9 square. Rule 1:… Continue Reading →

CD-to-MP3 ripping speed estimation

As every sensible car-owner in Brussels, I rip my CDs to MP3 so I can put copies of them in my car. As every self-respecting geek, I have multiple PCs at home. Which brings me to following observation: not all… Continue Reading →

Binary confusion: kilobytes and kibibytes

When I created my Bandwidth Calculator, easily the most popular web tool I ever made, I came across the following problem: in computer technology there is a habit of using kilobyte (KB) as 1024 bytes, megabyte (MB) as 1024*1024 (1.048.576)… Continue Reading →

Brilliant Button Builder

I needed some buttons to accompany my Webjay Wizard. I like the 80×15 format used by most sites, and was looking for an on-line button maker application. The one most sites point to is the buttonmaker, but it does… Continue Reading →

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