Bwards: URL overload

BwardsToo many URLs
I’d list everyone I’ve talked to yesterday, if only I could remember. Some random memories: Dramoghe is a girl, Hendrik has a beard, Sven has a nice blogless girlfriend (enchanté!), LittleQ is about my size without her shoes, Onnozelaar thought my age was 28 (thanks, but you should see me on the painting in the attic) and we ate looooooots of Crokidos!

Tonight: Bwards in Antwerp

It’s gonna take me some effort to arrive there in time, but tonight is the Bwards event in Antwerp, and I’m looking forward to it! It looks like Jeroen has created a fun party for those of us with a URL and an opinion. The place to be is Het Paleis, and here is how to get there:

100.000 Flickr views

Yesterday I reached 100.000 views on my Flickr account. Using the numbers above, that translates in almost 32 views on average for each picture. But of course, my Flickr photo collection has power law (big head/long tail) distribution. Let’s dive into the head.

Printing an MP3 on A4’s

Look wat ‘experts’ are still telling in the courtroom:

Govern yourselves accordingly

I just received the following email:

The Top 20 bloggers in Flanders

Bloggers love lists. Bloggers adore lists of bloggers, certainly when they’re featured in the said lists. I started making top 30 and 60 lists of Belgian bloggers a way back, and somewhere in Nov 2005 Bruno took over the position as ranking specialist. He has just finished making a new list based on Pagerank, Technorati backlinks, Bloglines subscribers and some other indicators. I came out #3, which proves that the bribe worked as expected.

url.rewrite for WordPress on Lighttpd

LightyThis blog now runs on a Lighttpd (Lighty) webserver instead of Apache, and this means the configuration for ‘pretty URLs’ or permalinks of WordPress doesn’t work like it used to.
(As you might have noticed, I use permalinks like /2007/02/this-is-permalink/)

Dream turned to nightmare

You might have noticed the last couple of days that my blog (and some other of the dozen sites I run) was not always available. You might have experienced time-outs and Error 500 messages. I apologize for that. Let me give you a brief overview of what I went through between last Friday and now.

Ghost Rider: fire and cleavage

Eva Mendes I wanted to see a movie this weekend and when I discovered at the counter that my first choice “Night at the museum” was dubbed in French, the only other option was “Ghost Rider“. That’s how I ended up in a movie that I actually hadn’t planned on seeing. The movie features Nicholas Cage and Eva Mendes and can be summarized in two words: fire and cleavage. Cage plays a Marvel Comics superhero on a seriously pimped up bike, who’s main characteristics would be superforce, a really low voice and being on fire. Mendes plays the girlfriend, with seriously pimped up boobs.

Barcamp Brussels #3: May 5th in the Marolles!

It has been decided, the bullet is through the church (*)!
Barcamp Brussels#3 will take place on Saturday May 5th at the Halles Des Tanneurs, the renovated Wine Palace right in the Brussels Marolles!