Pukkelpop 2006

Pukkelpop festival

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Rule of thirds for Powerpoint

Just a thought I had:
if the “rule of thirds” is so effective for photo composition, could it also be used to create more pleasing Powerpoint presentation designs?
An example of the layout dimensions could be like this (don’t focus on the boring picture/font, just the relative placement):
Rule of thirds for Powerpoint (no rules)

iPod in 2009: more storage or bandwidth?

I had an interesting discussion some days ago: will the iPods move to more storage (e.g. the Terabyte iPod) or more bandwidth (Bluetooth, EDGE, Wifi). Let me sketch what those two scenarios for the future iPod look like:

A Sudoku challenge generator

When on holiday, one can kill time solving Sudoku puzzles. When one has done a dozen of those puzzles and one happens to have a wandering mind like mine, one starts wondering how those Sudoku challenges are created, and if it would be possible to describe an algorithm that can make such a scarcely filled-in 9-by-9 grid. Some sunny hours later one has a system that might work (I haven’t implemented it fully yet). For my future reference: here’s how I would do it.
REMARK: this algorithm is quite logical and as such, I seriously doubt I would be the first one to think of it. I can imagine that Sudoku puzzles are already made by the hundreds with a program that uses this or a quite similar system. I’m not claiming it’s an original ‘invention’, just a fun problem to tackle.

Barcamp Brussels #2: on Sunday Sept 24th

Skynet lounge

The Five Factor Personality Profile

Brussels’ traffic is kinda safe

Imagine my amazement: when processing the numbers from the Belgian traffic accidents in 2005 (statbel), Brussels turns out to be a lot safer than one would suspect. Or let’s just say: there’s worse:

Netgear SC101: crappy storage

UPDATE: also read my post about testing the Netgear ReadyNAS (it doesn’t suck)
Storage porn

How to visualize a timeline

I am working on a timeline of animation movies: specifically to see when Disney started to fade and Pixar/Dreamworks took over. What films were made when, who made them and in what way do they coincide with activities of e.g. Steve Jobs. Oh, and to see where that new contender, Blue Sky Studios (“Ice Age”) fits in.