SuperThriller concert in Botanique

Apple reinvents photocasting in iLife ’06

“Eigen lof stinkt” as they say in Dutch, but who told you back in August of 2005 that RSS + images made sense (‘Photofeed: image podcasting’)?

Geek love checklist

Two geek girls ‘in the know’ have just published their “top 10 reasons to date a geek“, which can also be read as: 10 indicators to check if you’re a real geek.

Magnus: Jumpneedle drummers

I was checking out the Deus website to see if their new video for the Pocket Revolution album was already online (a friend of mine, Sachli, is playing in it with four other cute girls).
There was a link to another Tom Barman project, Magnus, and I remembered being an ‘extra’ in one of the music videos Tom directed for “Jumpneedle”. The official Magnus site only has a 1-minute excerpt, but I did find a full version on So where am I?

DIY Web2.0 Flowchart generator

You might know I like visualizing stuff, so I worked a bit on my Get-Remix-Deliver flowchart to make it into a scratchpad to play with.

Thought DMCA was bad? Here’s DTCS!

While people were buying Christmas trees and turkeys, the U.S. House of Representatives, and specifically Jim Sensenbrenner (Republican) and John Conyers (Democrat), have prepared a very nice gift to the MPAA:

Christmas present: podcast feed validator!

I get a lot of “what is wrong with my podcast feed?” kind of questions because I have written a fairly popular tutorial on podcasting with Blogger and Feedburner, and a lot of people start doing podcasts that way. There’s a couple of things that can go wrong:

Migrating from blogspot to a ’real’ blog

I have often said that Blogger is one of the easiest ways to get started for free with a blog. Even if you don’t have an own domain name, you can start with a However, there might come a time that you want to move that blog to another location: because you have bought your own domain, because you don’t want to look like an newbie, … I’ve done that a couple of times (I have more than a dozen blogs on Blogger, and am now transferring the ‘serious’ ones to my domain) and these are some tips:

RAD frameworks: development bliss in 20 min or less

Ruby On Rails started a nice trend: post a screencast of 20 minutes or less where a (gifted) developer starts and finishes a simple development task (build a blog software, build a wiki, …). It gives a feeling of how much coding is still involved and how much the framework does for you. I collected some screencasts in the following playlist: RAD Framework Screencasts (Webjay).
These are the fancy ones:

New podcast icons based on Firefox/IE feed logo

Original Firefox feed iconYou might have heard that the Microsoft IE team (and Outlook 12 team) is adopting the orange square ‘feed’ logo for its web feeds: