The MPA and other people’s money

Like the RIAA, the MPA has the logical reaction to disruptive forces: send out the lawyers.

RFM for RSS feeds: Recency, Frequency, Momentary Value

I’ve been throwing round an idea in my head for a while: how the RFM method for analyzing and prediction customer behaviour could be applied to RSS feeds (blogs, podcasts, …).

Two days at LesBlogs Paris

What I saw

Let’s get rid of

Bad wake-up call: reports on Erik Marcus, a podcaster who has had his podcast feed hijacked by (no link, you know why). Why am I concerned? Guess under what name my Smoothpod Mashup podcast is registered in iTunes?

Municipal WiFi: requirements for success

Double Wifi: prototype
Municipal Wifi is gaining speed. Some of the efforts are institutional (Joy Ito joins the FON advisory board, networks are being installed in San Francisco and New Orleans) and some are grassroots (John is setting up a Wifi cloud in Rio …)

Professional Communicator

Just received a sweet little email from self-proclaimed “professional communicator” Jody Robb, about a free RGB-2-CMYK converter tool of mine:

Google Toppers: pick your title carefully

Everyone with a bit of SEO (Search Engine Optimalisation) experience knows that the title of your HTML pages is crucial. But just how strong is that tiny part of your HTML? When I noticed I had become #1 for the Google query “media technology belgium” in Google (3 words I put in my blog title), I started investigating a bit further. I was first in a total of 18 million pages (according to the “of about” part in the top right of each Google results page). Could I do better than that? I could -as can be seen lower- but there are much stronger examples from other blogs.

Filling a terabyte iPod

Google: turning cash into cache

Wiki markup languages: syntax confusion

In the last couple of months I have been working with Twiki, PhpWiki, MediaWiki, WordPress and PBwiki (oh, the joys of being a freelancer). They all have their own pros and cons, but unfortunately also almost all have their own markup dialect. With markup I mean: the way you should indicate in regular text which parts should be bold/ italic/ heading/ code/ links/ …