Migrating from blogspot to a ’real’ blog

I have often said that Blogger is one of the easiest ways to get started for free with a blog. Even if you don’t have an own domain name, you can start with a xyz.blogspot.com. However, there might come a time that you want to move that blog to another location: because you have bought your own domain, because you don’t want to look like an newbie, … I’ve done that a couple of times (I have more than a dozen blogs on Blogger, and am now transferring the ‘serious’ ones to my www.smoothouse.com domain) and these are some tips:

RAD frameworks: development bliss in 20 min or less

Ruby On Rails started a nice trend: post a screencast of 20 minutes or less where a (gifted) developer starts and finishes a simple development task (build a blog software, build a wiki, …). It gives a feeling of how much coding is still involved and how much the framework does for you. I collected some screencasts in the following playlist: RAD Framework Screencasts (Webjay).
These are the fancy ones:

New podcast icons based on Firefox/IE feed logo

Original Firefox feed iconYou might have heard that the Microsoft IE team (and Outlook 12 team) is adopting the orange square ‘feed’ logo for its web feeds:

Google introduces music search

When a user enters a music-related search in Google search box, the resulting search returns information about the artist, a few albums and a picture, when available, above the standard search results.
via money.cnn.com

Google experiments with inline revisions

I don’t recall having seen this before: within the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) of a keyword X, Google puts the top 3 results for a keyword Y.
Google alternate results
The exact details:

The MPA and other people’s money

Like the RIAA, the MPA has the logical reaction to disruptive forces: send out the lawyers.

RFM for RSS feeds: Recency, Frequency, Momentary Value

I’ve been throwing round an idea in my head for a while: how the RFM method for analyzing and prediction customer behaviour could be applied to RSS feeds (blogs, podcasts, …).

Two days at LesBlogs Paris

What I saw

Let’s get rid of podkeyword.com

Bad wake-up call: theregister.co.uk reports on Erik Marcus, a podcaster who has had his podcast feed hijacked by Podkeyword.com (no link, you know why). Why am I concerned? Guess under what name my Smoothpod Mashup podcast is registered in iTunes?

Municipal WiFi: requirements for success

Double Wifi: prototype
Municipal Wifi is gaining speed. Some of the efforts are institutional (Joy Ito joins the FON advisory board, networks are being installed in San Francisco and New Orleans) and some are grassroots (John is setting up a Wifi cloud in Rio …)