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Een leuk initiatief van Gaetano Palermo: een kaart waar elke Belgische blogger zijn coordinaten kan op mappen. Misschien een leuke vervanging van de kaart op

Consumers digital rights

Consumer Digital Rights
The BEUC (“Bureau Européen des Unions de consommateurs” or European Consumers Organisation) has set up a web site to inform consumers on which rights they still DO have on their digital content:

It’s so cool to be anti-Web 2.0

Not only that, the very 2.0 in Web 2.0 seems carefully crafted as a way to denegrate the clueless “Web 1.0” idiots, poor children, in the same way the first round of teenagers starting dotcoms in 1999 dissed their elders with the decade’s mantra, “They just don’t get it!”
I’ll do my part. I hereby pledge never again to use the term “Web 2.0” on this blog, or to link to any article that mentions it. You’re welcome.

Wealthy Belgian Bloggers v3

Here we go again with another update:

Adam Curry goes 100% podsafe

Adam Curry, godfather of podcasting, has had an epiphany:

Folksonomy and google bombs

Folksonomy or social tagging

How not to do copy-protection: Sony Music

Error #1: take a really broad definition of “backwards compatible”

Oakland installs free municipal Wifi

The goal of Wireless Oakland is to prepare Oakland County and its workforce for the jobs and technology of tomorrow. In conjunction with the Emerging Sectors Initiative, it will enhance Oakland County’s ability to attract and retain high-tech and nanotechnology corporations.
The seven Pilot Projects (Royal Oak, Pontiac, Troy, Birmingham, Madison Heights, Oak Park, and Wixom) will be started by the end of 2005 and should be completed during the first quarter of 2006. County-wide wireless internet coverage is expected in mid to late 2007.

Adsense in all media: TV, cinema, sport, traffic

The other day I was talking with Francois on Google’s tests with providing ads in printed media, i.e. buying up ad space up front and deciding just before the actual printing what ads should go on which page. Adsense for print media, as it were.

Avoiding wiki spam in Mediawiki

The great thing about Wiki’s is that everyone can edit them. The problem is that this attracts a new strain of spam morons: the wiki spammers. My Tango Wiki has gotten spammed several times per day since I launched it. A page gets changed to a list of URLs for various drugs, mostly ‘male performance related’, let’s say.