When the API returns an image

I see more and more Image-Response GET APIs. With this term I mean: the API is called with a GET URL, and the response is a (JPG/PNG/GIF/WEBP/SVG) image, either directly or after a redirect. So the API can be used through a simple <img src="[IMAGE GENERATING URL"> HTML tag. Let’s call these IMGSRCAPI‘s.

Nuuz.io has fans in Russia

I saw I was getting quite some traffic from Russia on my tech news aggregator. It turns out I have a Russian site that published a post on nuuz.io. I made it onto their ‘Web projects of the year 2019’ list, next to Nomadlist and Deepl.

Ten tips to take better low-light photos (dance/event/concert)

One of my most popular posts is Five tips for taking tango pictures in low light. That information is now more than 10 years old. Technology has evolved a lot since then, as have my photography skills. That’s why there is now the update: Ten tips to take better low-light photos without flash! These are equally valid for tango photography, as well as event, dance and concert photography.

A handy tool to look up Emojis

I recently took the habit of using more Emoji characters in blog posts and titles, because why not 🤷‍♀️. In order to look up the most appropriate Emoji, I was always checking out the official Unicode Emoji list. Unfortunately, that list is HUGE and loads very slow 🐌. So I made a tool to 🔍 look up Emojis easily!

Idea: intelligent, cloud-connected mobile device charger

Let me describe an idea I had for the intelligent cloud-connected mobile device charger that keeps all my mobile battery devices charged optimally.

Being spammed by GDPR data requests

Since a week, we’ve been receiving “GDPR information requests” at the office on our privacy@<domain> address. Nothing illegal about that. Every data subject has the “right to access” under the GDPR regulation: ask a data controller company what information they have on them, and then optionally ask to delete some or all of that data.

New project: bash boilerplate generator on toolstud.io

I like to automate. I like it so much that I will not hesitate to spend 8+ hours on writing a script that replaces 5 minutes of work every month. Most of my automation is for CLI (command line interfaces). On Windows, that means CMD, but for most other platforms (Linux, MacOS, Busybox) the best tool for it is bash or shell. I've created my own self-contained bash boilerplate script (a good scripting starting point, with a lot of regularly recurring functionality already built in.)

But I still needed to git clone the repository, or copy/paste from the github page, and customise it every time (using different options, parameters). So I went 1 step further: here is now the fully interactive, always up-to-date BASH BOILERPLATE GENERATOR

Tango photography and GDPR: new rules for photographers & organizers?

GDPR for (tango) event photographers

GDPR Plugins for WordPress

Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) jumps into action on 25 May 2018. This has a lot of implications for every company in Europe, but also worldwide. And what does it mean for us, owners of a WordPress blog?

The sorry state of keyboard layout management

How is it possible that today, in 2018, it is still up to the end-user to detect/guess what the layout of the computer keyboard is he has in front of him/her? In any Belgian office with more than 10 computers, you might encounter a mix of “Belgian French”, “Belgian ISO”, “Belgian Period”, “French French” keyboards. They’re all AZERTY keyboards, but they mix up characters like the “@”, the “.” or the “,”. No one, except for the odd OCD sysops guy, knows what the differences exactly are. You only know that, if you pick the wrong one, you’re going to lose time to type email addresses, or god forbid, passwords with non-alphabetical characters. Linux has some ‘pseudo-magical’ system with “now type the W key” that can +- detect what the keyboard is, but MacOS or Windows?