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Favourite podcasts: Basic Soul Radio Show

I subscribe to less and less podcasts (not enough time to listen), but there is one I always install on every newly installed iTunes. It’s called the Basic Soul Radio Show, it’s presented by Simon Harrison. Every week Simon selects… Continue Reading →

Nokia Nsights on Music

Nsights I got invited by Nokia to talk a bit about podcasting and music discovery. The results of that interview, combined with opinions of Clo Willaerts, Alex Koprivnicanec, Steven Lemmens and Dieter Sermeus, can be found on the Nokia Nsights… Continue Reading →

Click to hear the MP3 (playlist)

More than a year ago, I wrote an piece on Playing mp3 with an embedded Flash player. Things change quickly in this area, so it’s time for an update. These are all tools to play either individual MP3 files or… Continue Reading →

PDF podcasts: proof of concept

Background I read a lot of info on digital cinema these last months. I find there is little syndicated content (blog feeds) to be found on the topic. Some sites have a page of press releases and/or an email newsletter,… Continue Reading →

The transmission has ended …

Ryan and Jen have just announced that they are putting an end to their popular Lost fan podcast, “The Transmission“. Started in May 2005, the show has grown into the most popular Lost audio podcast program, featuring discussion of each… Continue Reading →

Apple creates RSS the Microsoft way

When Apple reinvented the photofeed, they actually were a bit sloppy. Instead of building upon standard RSS and the Media RSS extensions backed by Yahoo!, Feedburner et al., they decided to do what Microsoft has always been accused of: they… Continue Reading →

Lucas Gonze joins Yahoo! acquires Webjay

A couple years back, Lucas created Webjay, a site for easy creation and playback of playlists from the Web. Users can create playlists using music/audio/video from around the Web (with a simple Web form, from scraping a Web page, or… Continue Reading →

Apple reinvents photocasting in iLife ’06

“Eigen lof stinkt” as they say in Dutch, but who told you back in August of 2005 that RSS + images made sense (‘Photofeed: image podcasting’)? A major new feature of iLife ‘06 is what Apple calls “Photocasting.” Described as… Continue Reading →

At last: car stereos with frontal mini-jacks

You need portable MP3 player for when you’re on the move. On the move includes: in the car. Why would you want to listen through tiny white earphones, if you have dozens of Watt of pure musical power already at… Continue Reading →

Christmas present: podcast feed validator!

I get a lot of “what is wrong with my podcast feed?” kind of questions because I have written a fairly popular tutorial on podcasting with Blogger and Feedburner, and a lot of people start doing podcasts that way. There’s… Continue Reading →

New podcast icons based on Firefox/IE feed logo

You might have heard that the Microsoft IE team (and Outlook 12 team) is adopting the orange square ‘feed’ logo for its web feeds: I’m excited to announce that we’re adopting the icon used in Firefox. John and Chris were… Continue Reading →

RFM for RSS feeds: Recency, Frequency, Momentary Value

I’ve been throwing round an idea in my head for a while: how the RFM method for analyzing and prediction customer behaviour could be applied to RSS feeds (blogs, podcasts, …). Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value – customer segmentation What does… Continue Reading →

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