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Favourite podcasts: Basic Soul Radio Show

I subscribe to less and less podcasts (not enough time to listen), but there is one I always install on every newly installed iTunes. It’s called the Basic Soul Radio Show, it’s presented by Simon Harrison. Every week Simon selects… Continue Reading →

Music for sad days

Not that I’m particularly sad today, but I was recently thinking about the music I play over and over again on less happy days. For some reason, it’s still the same songs I play as 10-15 years ago. So now… Continue Reading →

Moldover: Live mashup DJ

I wrote a post last year “REQ: Live mashup performance tool” on how much fun it would be to be able to do live mashups: mix basslines, drums, guiter riffs and vocals from different songs in real-time. I just found… Continue Reading →

Bentzon Brotherhood: Rapper’s New Delight

A couple of weeks ago, at a party in Maastricht, I heard a new version of Rapper’s Delight (Sugarhill Gang), a 15-minute funky jazz version with a kick-ass bass. I went to the DJ booth and turned my head at… Continue Reading →

I remember house before it was techno

I remember house before it was techno I remember house before it had an afro I remember house before it was deep I remember house before it was hard I remember house when house had tempos I remember house before… Continue Reading →

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