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Nokia Trends Lab @ AB

This Friday in the Ancienne Belgique: Nokia Trends Lab with Shameboy. There was a remix contest for a Shameboy song and it was won by Pieter Santens. I also downloaded the tracks last week and thought I’d use Acid Express… Continue Reading →

FM Brussel playlist live on Twitter

Via Pietel I heard of a Twitter account that publishes the playlist of StuBru in real-time. Interesting, but I listen to FM Brussel. How hard would it be to make the same thing for FM Brussel? Not that hard, it… Continue Reading →

Tasting whisky

This weekend was filled with heavy alcohol, since I went to a whisky tasting. We only drank a ‘wee dram’ (2,5 cl) at a time, with some bread and water in between so we remained sober enough to listen to… Continue Reading →

Pecha Kucha Brussels

I know I’m a bit late,and Ine, Bruno, Bart and … have already given their opinions, but  I still needed an excuse to post some pictures of the event, so: last weekend I went to Pecha Kucha Brussels! As everyone already… Continue Reading →

5 * 3 * 2007

Net een stokje gekregen van Frank, en ik dacht er toch al aan een korte review van 2007 te schrijven, dus … 3 artiesten die ik in 2007 leerde kennen Balkan Beat Box Corinne Bailey Ray John Legend 3 dingen… Continue Reading →

MIVB en Google Transit

Wouldn’t this be a great idea: the Brussels public transport not mapped by MIVB‘s horribly unpractical route planner, but by Google’s Transit maps. You just need to get an export of the stops, the routes and the times, and they… Continue Reading →

Barcamp Where #4

I’m getting a little nervous. Barcamp Brussels is gonna happen on Nov 24th or Dec 1st and I still haven’t found a location. All my options have returned negative. The previous times I never really had a problem with that…. Continue Reading →

Announced: Barcamp Brussels #4

It’s almost been 6 months, so here we go for the 4th time: I’m starting the preparations for Barcamp Brussels #4. The proposed dates are: Nov 24th or Dec 1st. Location: to be defined. Sponsors: to be defined (you know… Continue Reading →

Porque te vas

This is a song I like to play when I’m DJing, it makes people smile: “Porque Te Vas” by Jeanette (Dimech). I got reminded of this song by a newsletter of the Beursschouwburg, they’re doing a “Porque Te Vas” contest… Continue Reading →

My City, Your city: Brussels

Because Ine asked me nicely: My favorite ‘grab-a-bite’: De Markten, certainly when it’s sunny and you can sit outside My favourite shop: Mr Ego for clothes, Passaporta for books – for CDs I would want a shop like the Virgin… Continue Reading →

Arno on the Francofolies

Arno and his deep-philosophical reflections on life, music and being paid. (Interview on RTBF about the Francofolies festival) “Je suis ouvert comme une vielle pute… Tu vois le bazar !?” “Je ne pense pas, ce sont les soeurs catholiques qui… Continue Reading →

Barcamp Brussels: one month to go

In about 30 days, a bunch of Internet entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and geeks will gather at the Halles des Tanneurs in Brussels to share experiences and learn from each other: Barcamp Brussels. This is the 3rd edition of this ‘unconference’ that… Continue Reading →

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