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Google Docs’ infamous “Moved Temporarily” error – fixed!

I store quite a lot of info in Google Spreadsheets, for the obvious reasons: anyone can edit from any place, even at the same time the servers are more reliable than a server at the office I can use the… Continue Reading →

How to delete old data in Google Calendar

I use Google Calendar as a vital piece of me and some 20 other editors keep an up-to-date calendar of tango events in Belgium. We’ve been doing that for the last 3 years, so there was a lot of… Continue Reading →

Newscorp is indeed dropping out of Google

The big disappearing act When Rupert Murdoch announced that he would remove his sites from Google (in order to make a deal with Microsoft, so that only Bing would have the NewsCorp pages, as we now assume), he apparently wasn’t… Continue Reading →

Facebook tricked me into my own spam FAIL

So I decided to let Facebook check my Gmail contact list to see if I had missed some contacts (people using aliases, etc …). After carefully selecting a couple of FB friends to invite (a buddy from the army, …),… Continue Reading →

CalendarBurner: Feedburner for iCal calendars

I am currently using my experience with to build a similar site for Tango in Bulgaria. One of the major components of the site is the tango calendar. In this case I have chosen not to use a special… Continue Reading →

MIVB en Google Transit

Wouldn’t this be a great idea: the Brussels public transport not mapped by MIVB‘s horribly unpractical route planner, but by Google’s Transit maps. You just need to get an export of the stops, the routes and the times, and they… Continue Reading →

What Google Agenda currently misses

I am using Google Agenda as the central repository for the Belgian tango agenda, which I edit together with half a dozen other tango enthusiasts. While the principle of a central, hosted calendar storage works wonderfully, I (have to) use… Continue Reading →

Web tool: visualize on Google Maps

I have been working a bit on Google Maps visualisations for my tango site, to show an overview of all Belgian tango sites. I did it the following way: I use Google Maps‘ “My Maps” to create a collection… Continue Reading →

New beta YouTube layout

This is what a YouTube clip page looks like now: And this is what YouTube is developing as a new ‘beta’ version: they got rid of the large banner (” Use Quicklists!”) which was basically a waste of space. all… Continue Reading →

Creating a tango calendar

Resurrection of When I started dancing argentine tango, there were two sites that gave you an update of where and when you could dance tango in Belgium. The first one was, with a frame-based layout that I don’t… Continue Reading →

Twitter: watch your mouth

Whether Twitter will turn out to be a conversational revolution or a giant waste of time, I’m still not sure about. Sometimes it feels like instant messaging (chatting *with* someone), sometimes like just changing the subtitle of your MSN/Gtalk (just… Continue Reading →

Gmail will disappear

UPDATE: it appears that I got the new “Google Mail” logo because for some reasons Google maps my IP address to Germany, and so I got the German branding. I still think it would make sense for them to switch… Continue Reading →

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